Addictive TV have created work for EA Games, Red Bull, Paramount, Universal, 20th Century Fox, Adidas and many others.  Check out the examples of their work below.

<b>Satore Studio reel</b>
Title: Satore Studio reel
Client: Satore Studio
ATV remix style showreel for light designer Tupac Martir
<b>Cineworld 4DX launch</b>
Title: Cineworld 4DX launch
Client: Itch / Cineworld
Movie remix for launch event of UK's first 4DX cinema
<b>The Green Mouse</b>
Title: The Green Mouse
Client: La Souris Verte
Commissioned music and video to launch new venue
<b>VIKINGS <i>(launch mix)</i></b>
Title: VIKINGS (launch mix)
Client: Rubicon/A+E network
AV remix of Vikings television series for launch event
<b>Glastonbury 2014</b>
Title: Glastonbury 2014
Client: Greenpeace
Joint charities video for Glastonbury Festival 2014
<b>Addictive TV vs H5</b>
Title: Addictive TV vs H5
Client: Pompidou Centre
Collaboration with Oscar winning animators H5
<b>THTC vs Addictive TV</b>
Title: THTC vs Addictive TV
Client: THTC
Remix for eco-fashion label THTC for social media use.
<b>Blow Up Remixed</b>
Title: Blow Up Remixed
Client: Arte
Remix for French television channel Arte.
<b>Street Fighter x Tekken</b>
Title: Street Fighter x Tekken
Client: Sponge Worldwide
Commercial for video game Street Fighter x Tekken.
Title: Contenus
Client: Ososphere (France)
Installation for the Ososphere arts festival, Strasbourg.
<b>The Gadget Show</b>
Title: The Gadget Show
Client: North One Television
Created for The Gadget Show testing the iphone camera
<b>XChanges Showreel</b>
Title: XChanges Showreel
Client: XChanges (Italy)
Remixed showreel for Italy's leading special effects house.
<b>Europa League</b> (v.2)
Title: Europa League (v.2)
Client: Channel 5
50 second commercial for UEFA’s Europa League.
<b>Europa League</b> (v.1)
Title: Europa League (v.1)
Client: Channel 5
15 second commercial for UEFA’s Europa League.
<b>Paper Cuts</b>
Title: Paper Cuts
Client: IdN Magazine
Covermount DVD for design magazine IdN’s 100th issue.
<B>Slumdog Millionaire</b>
Title: Slumdog Millionaire
Client: Pathé International
Official alternative trailer for Slumdog Millionaire.
<b>J&B London Sounds</b>
Title: J&B London Sounds
Client: RPM agency
Pilot for a 2011 online campaign for J&B Whiskey.
<b>Sims3 (ATV remix)</b>
Title: Sims3 (ATV remix)
Client: EA Games
Online commercial for Sims3 Worldwide launch.
Title: Sportive
Client: Adidas
Installation for ‘Sport in Art’ exhibition. Beijing Olympics.
<b>X-Fighters 2009</b>
Title: X-Fighters 2009
Client: Red Bull
Opening video for Red Bull X-Fighters World Final 2009
<b>Iron Man</b>
Title: Iron Man
Client: Paramount Pictures
Official alternative trailer for Iron Man.
<b>Fast & Furious</b>
Title: Fast & Furious
Client: Universal
Official alternative trailer for Vin Diesel's Fast & Furious.
<b>Tekkon Kinkreet</b>
Title: Tekkon Kinkreet
Client: Third Ear / Sony
Japanese television commercial & DVD/CD extra
<b>Easy Virtue</b>
Title: Easy Virtue
Client: Pathé International
Official alternative trailer for Stephan Elliot's Easy Virtue.


In early 2016 we were asked to create the opening for the talk at London's Victoria & Albert Museum by Satore Studio's Tupac Martir, the light artist described by Vogue as "the visual designer and creative director behind some of the most important events in the world".

Doubling up as the studio's new showreel, which he's screened a number of times now before lectures and talks, we created the peice by sampling and mashing-up concerts Martir designed for Beyonce, Sting, Elton John and fashion events for Moschino, Rihanna and others.

We performed a live version in February 2016 at the V&A Museum, opening his talk.